My journey started with mindset first. You can not make the changes you want until you believe in the impossibles. Everyone is on a different journey and at different stages. Some might just be wanting to lose that extra 10 pounds, others are in the middle and then the extremes of losing over 100 pounds like I had to do. Realize that this is not an overnight occurrence but one with many ups and downs, especially on the scale. Muscle weighs more than fat, so as you transition it may not look like the scale matches the way you look and feel. Because its about your health and the way your body transforms into what you thought was impossible. So I will tell you things that have worked for me and many others that I have collaborated with and followed advice. Its has been trial and error but these things I will list will only improve your health in one way or the other. I am not a licensed dietician or physician, just someone who has studied and researched intensely for my own health journey. And its my pleasure to share this information.

Start the day by drinking warm lemon water: Drinking lemon water may reduce fat absorption, reduce cholesterol, and aids digestion.

Stay hydrated throughout the day: Drinking adequate water and staying hydrated helps in overall health as well. But quality water is key, in my opinion the best water to consume is distilled or Kangen water.

Eat more fiber: A high-fiber diet includes fruits and vegetables. You may even need to use an organic fiber supplement due to the fact that most foods today are stripped of their fiber.

Eating nutritious snacks: Eating healthy snacks such as fruit and nuts and raw vegetables etc. Healthy, low-calorie snacks are healthier the alternatives like chips and candy.

Reduce your sugar intake: Try replacing sugar with honey or monk fruit, which has a low glycemic intake: They can be used as a natural sweetener in juices, teas, and desserts.

Steaming, grilling, or air frying foods instead of frying: This reduces oil consumption. Healthy oils such as grape-seed, coconut and olive oil may be used for cooking.

Eating natural whole foods instead of processed foods and stuff from a box and drive thru.

Drinking herbal teas: Drinking herbal teas such as green tea helps boost metabolism and aids in digestion.

Cooking at home and reducing eating out: Preparing healthy meals at home and reducing eating out help consume smaller portions and reduce calorie consumption.

Reducing alcohol consumption: Reducing alcohol consumption reduces calorie intake and fluid retention in the body.

Exercising: Exercise can be of various types, such as high-intensity workouts, swimming, running, and lifting weights (lifting weights builds the muscle and burns fat). It is important to stick to an exercise regime and be consistent to see results.

Adequate rest: Getting seven to eight hours of sleep a day reduces stress, boosts metabolism, and improves overall health.

Setting goals: Setting goals is important to stay motivated and sticking to a diet and exercise plan. One may set goals by setting reminders on the phone, sticking posters, maintaining a journal, or buying an outfit that you would want to fit in by a certain date or for an occasion.

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